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Prof. Kabelka performs hip, knee and shoulder replacements using state-of-the-art surgical procedures with and without the use of cement.

The minimally invasive surgical techniques used make possible early mobilisation within an individual rehabilitation plan.

Most of the prostheses implanted are produced by Zimmer Inc. , one of the largest orthopaedic surgical product companies in the world, and the Waldemar Link medical equipment company of Hamburg.

The Female Knee

It has long been known, and indeed scientifically proven, that there are gender-specific differences in the anatomy of the knee. In response to this, the American surgical product company Zimmer Inc. has developed a prosthesis which takes into account the special gender-specific features of both sexes.


Endoprostheses for hip / knee joints

INNEX™ knee system from Zimmer Natural-Knee® II System from Zimmer Allofit Acetabular Cup from Zimmer CLS Hip Stem from Zimmer MS-30 Cemented Hip Stem from Zimmer

There are generally considered to be three different types of endoprostheses:

Fig. 1
Hip stem and acetabular cup or femur and tibia components are fixed with a quick-hardening plastic compound, so-called bone cement. A cemented joint can be used immediately.

Fig. 2
All components are implanted (by pressing or screwing) without bone cement. The bone grows onto the endoprosthesis.

Fig. 3
The so-called hybrid implant technique combines the advantages of both procedures. The acetabular cup or femur components are anchored without cement, the prosthesis stem or tibia components are anchored in the bone with cement.